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Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom & Devialet (Ref. 6103-132)

Produced in collaboration with Devialet, the new Ulysse Nardin Phantom is getting ready to break out within the world of Minute Repeater timepieces.


Here is the answer to the question “What happens when Devialet, the manufacturer of high-end audio systems, and Ulysse Nardin’s bold and innovative spirit come together?”. The unique Minute Repeater movement in the titanium case has an exclusive bell and membrane structure. When the Minute Repeater system is activated, the sound produced by bells and gongs is transferred to a thin membrane structure and the volume is increased to 85 decibels. This value is high enough to hear your watch even in a noisy environment.

6103-132-ulysse-nardin-hourstriker-phantom-devialet-2.jpg 6103-132-ulysse-nardin-hourstriker-phantom-devialet-5.jpg

Devialet’s partnership initiative, which has chosen to share its experiences and knowledge on high-end audio systems with a company such as UN, able to blend the traditional and the new, is no coincidence. One of the founders of Devialet, Emmanuel Nardin, is a member of the UN family, as the surname suggests.

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UN Phantom has a 43mm diameter titanium case, anthracite dial, sapphire crystal glass and water resistance up to 30 meters. Equipped with the automatic manufacture Caliber UN-610, only 85 units will be sold worldwide. The list price of the model is 72.500 CHF.

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