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Exotic timepieces have their own way of perception just like their unique design details. Mostly polarizing between love and hate, the only truth that remains solid is the piece of art type perfection of those rare watches.

Urwerk is one of the pioneering brands in this regard with exotic timepieces. We paid a pleasant visit to the brands beautiful booth at SIHH 2016 and put our hands on the latest URWERK UR-105 T-Rex model. 


It is safe to say that URWERK UR-105 T-Rex is a cosmetically tuned version of the UR-105 TA model which is still in production, as the mechanics of both watches are exactly the same. Undoubtedly, the most significant visual difference is the URWERK UR-105 T-Rex’s bronze bezel designed in a shield type form. Urwerk watches are mostly offered in stainless steel and titanium. The brand likes the satin finished and blasted surfaces expressing the industrial character. Matt black PVD coating is another common technique for the brand. Employing the bronze for the first time, Urwerk took another bold step at the design of the bezel as well which looks quite different than the previous versions’.


As I mentioned before, the shield looking bezel is made of bronze. Actually, Urwerk is familiar with the alternative and exotic materials as the highly praised URWERK UR-110 Eastwood model sported an ivory wood bezel. The bezel of T-Rex requires a multi step process to get its unique appearance. Initially the pattern is applied, than bead blasting/micro blasting processes are applied for the flawless finishing. The oxidation of the bezel is made by a special chemical. Due to the ‘’living’’ structure of bronze, each of those 22 bezels will get fully personalized looks after use. 


The pattern of the bezel which almost covers the entire timepiece is inspired by the reptile skin.  The rest of the watch bears common features with the UR-105 TA model. The lower side of the case and case back are made of matt black PVD coated titanium. The crown is also re-designed for a matching look with the bezel.


T-Rex is powered up by the same in-house  automatic caliber used in the UR-105 TA model. T-Rex employs a totally different time display system which deserves to be called exotic again. Featuring four satellites showing different three hour intervals out of twelve are driven with a carousel like rotating device. The satellites sliding like a ballerina over the dial and 60 minutes counter is almost covered by the large bezel preventing the visual feast to be enjoyed.


The case back of the watch sports the common Urwerk turbines and an indicator featuring three different modes as Full, Reduced and Stop. The turbines regulate the rotor’s speed and avoid un-stable tension on the mainspring.

The unique timepiece is offered on a black alligator strap and a matt black PVD coated titanium buckle.


In fact, I am having a hard time to round up my review regarding such an extra ordinary timepiece like this. I could never say that it’s an absurd watch as the features which practically force the limits of technology and imagination makes me simply admire the watch. On the other hand I know that due to their natures extra ordinary timepieces never intend to be good for everyone.

I am sure Urwerk will have no hard time for finding 22 watch collectors to pay the 65000 CHF price to get this unique piece for their collections. 


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