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Which Omega Speedmaster Should I Buy?

One of the most interesting series in the world of chronograph watches is undoubtedly the Omega Speedmaster. So, which member of this special model family suits you best?


You are right. It is not easy to choose from such a large number of eye-catching options. Therefore, let's take a look at the Omega Speedmaster guide first, shall we?


My starting point is this: I am sure every enthusiast will want to have a watch like the Omega Speedmaster, which wrote its name to the world of watches in gold letters. One of the main factors that distinguish the Speedmaster from its competitors is; its support in space ascent and space exploration, which is considered one of the greatest achievements of humankind.


I always associate the perpetual calendar feature with dressier timepieces and models that appeal to older ages. Exotic complications such as tourbillon and minute repeater stand out with show factors rather than function. On the other hand, as a complication, I find the chronograph feature to be very sympathetic. The sporty emphasis of chronograph, its dynamic structure, and its relative functionality boost my interest in it.

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In addition to this functional feature, let's add a well-known luxury watchmaker and an already cult status model from that watchmaker. Be sure to also tick the option of availability, even at retail price. Obviously, this recipe ends up with an Omega Speedmaster under all circumstances.


Those who want to carry the latest point of quartz watch technology on their wrist should look at the X-33 and the extraordinarily designed Z-33 models. Especially the X-33's bearing the European Space Agency (ESA) approval can make it even more attractive for watch and space enthusiasts.

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The high-tech ceramic cases and unique color themes of the Dark Side of the Moon family make them an unrivaled sports chronograph. Indeed, few sports chronographs can compete with the appeal of a DSOTM Vintage with a beige NATO or black nylon strap.

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If you want to experience the Speedmaster legend with a more complicated movement, you can look at the Moonphase models. Moreover, you can reach all these features without tiring your eyes thanks to the bi-compax dial layout. Or, with a Racing model from the Two Counters series, you can have one of the boldest combinations of the Speedmaster family.


Re-Issue models inspired by the rich heritage and equipped with vintage genes of the brand are also available under the Speedmaster roof. With the Mark II family, you can experience the groovy spirit of the '70s or the glamour of the '80s. If you want to go back to earlier times and get to the roots of Speedmaster, the '57 series is perfect for you. Moreover, you can experience the privilege of the bezel in the same color as the case with a combination of countless colored dials only in this model.

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Of course, I saved the best for the end; The classic Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional and the Caliber 321 movement. I claim that it will not be easy to find another stainless-steel sports chronograph with a hand-wound movement model that can go above these watches. Especially the new Caliber 321 version, which hosts key features such as the movement produced faithfully to the first production, the 39.7mm diameter case that makes a great contribution to the general proportions of the watch, and the bracelet that makes it stand out from the other versions of the series at a glance, is a candidate to be one of the most successful Speedmaster models ever. Moonwatch Professional, on the other hand, is the most reasonable option for those who want to experience the spirit of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin passing beyond the atmosphere.

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In short, no matter which Speedmaster model you decide on, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. So, which one is your preference?

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