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An Evening In Rome With Bulgari - #thebdinner


Bulgari, which gained a remarkable momentum with their successful designs and innovations in traditional luxury watchmaking in recent years, hosted a great event in Rome with exclusive guests including Horobox. The evening, which was organized with one of the unique brands in watch industry oriented media “Watchonista”, was truly an unforgettable experience for all participants.


The famous Italian jewelry and watch brand Bulgari was founded back in 1884. The founder of the brand, Greek-born Sotirios Voulgaris, is said to have only 18 cents in his pocket when he arrived in Rome in 1880. Having a terrific talent for working on precious metals, Voulgaris succeeds in opening his first shop in four years as a result of his efforts. After that day, the brand has entered a rapid growth and is now one of the most preferred names in the world of hi-end jewellery.


A phone call while I was in the office the other day made me very excited. On the other side of the line was my beloved friend Alexander Freidman of and inviting me to an event code name: #thebdinner. I was very proud to be invited to this special event, which will be hosted with the cooperation of Bulgari / Watchonista, among other valuable watch media related guests.


Bulgari is at the forefront of brands that collaborate with many of the watch media, including Horobox, and are especially mindful of the importance of the digital world. In addition to this situation, their selections for brand ambassadors continue to influence the industry. 

When the time has arrived for departure from the hotel, we all got together and settled at the lobby with great enthusiasm to go to Bulgari’s historic boutique in Via dei Candotti. The crew was truly special. We had the opportunity to meet many new personalities as well as friends that we already knew. @TheGoodLifeinc and @DailyWatch followed by millions through Instagram and most visited web sites of the watch business Ablogtowatch, Puristpro and Fratellowatches were there.

After the short trip that we took while we were chatting with our dear friends, we arrived to the historic boutique and started working right away with our media identities.


bulgari-bday-roma-9.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-4.jpg

Our tour started right after we stepped into the place with our tour guide. We all got attracted with the special room that can be customized by being seperated from the other parts, which has been visited by many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor. The media work continued at full speed when we entered the rooms where the timepieces from the men’s and women’s collections were shown.


We all witnessed a situation that amazed us all as we entered the room called Venom where the special and historic pieces were kept. We all got locked to the watch boxes on the table after the short speech of our beloved Pascal which was accompanied with complimentary champagne. We put our watches on which were exclusively labeled for each participant. With our dear friend Amr Sindi (@ TheHorophile), we hoped to keep the watches but we all knew that we were going to hand them back at the end of the night.


bulgari-bday-roma-1.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-2.jpg


After the tour at the historic boutique, we took a short walk to one of the most iconic spots of Rome, the Spanish Steps. We were welcomed with another surprise at the location where we took great photographs. What could possibly be a better choice than a Fiat 500, if you were about to go on a tour in such a historic city like Rome? Well, nothing…

bulgari-bday-roma-25.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-24.jpg


bulgari-bday-roma-26.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-27.jpg

We all got in to the Fiat 500s and started touring around the city. As it got darker, we all fell in love with Rome. After the short visits to a selection of beautiful places, the Fiat 500s took us to the restaurant for the #thebdinner.

bulgari-bday-roma-28.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-29.jpg

As we entered to the restaurant, we were welcomed with a stylishly arranged table set in a private saloon reserved exclusively for us. Our valuable friends from the Bulgari family like Jean-Christoph Babin, CEO of the brand, Guido Terreni, Chief Executive of the watch division and Fabrizio Buonamassa, chief designer joined us afterwards proving the importance of the event for Bulgari.


bulgari-bday-roma-19.jpg bulgari-bday-roma-20.jpg

It was a great honor for me to represent Horobox, which has been possibly the only media who had the opportunity to have interviews with these three important personalities.

After Mr. Babin’s short speech (15 minutes.) we listened to our beloved Guido Terreni and our dinner started.

Throughout the night, Chiara Albanese, Elisabetta Marra and Pascal Brandt from the Bulgari team joined us. Mr.Babin pointed an interesting fact about the watch brands which mostly build their successful products over the Heritage trend. He also stated that Bulgari is one of the rare brands that are successful with contemporary designs and brand new collections. Especially the Octo Finissimo series, which features amazing models, is one of the best examples through the industry.


The carefully selected menu, combined with a pleasant chat with friends, was even more delicious. It was important to remember that the love of watches was the reason to bring those people together. We left the place with unforgettable memories as we finished that beautiful evening. It was an honor for Horobox and me personally to be a part of that special occasion hosted by Bulgari.

It is important to remember that this is the basic idea clock that brings these special people together. We were leaving the place with unforgettable memories as we finished this beautiful evening. It was an honor for my person and Horobox to be able to find this private place organized by a brand like Bulgari.


I would like to thank my dear Alexander Freidman and the entire Watchonista team, for the kind invitation. I am already excited for the next event of #thebdinner which we intend to make traditional.

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