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Serdar OAL

For some people, watches are just devices used to tell the time.. It does not matter for them if it’s a mechanic or a quartz watch.. People look at it with a simple move of arm and leave it on the wrist.. For some others, watches are simply accessories. They do not even bother for setting the watch before wearing it.

We are a team who are connected to the watches with passion. We appreciate the value of time through those small devices on our wrists. We got together to share this passion and pass on our knowledge and experience. In the meantime, one of our purposes is keep improving ourselves.

Horobox is an important formation for us. We will combine our seriousness with professionalism and try our best to make it important for you as well.

We want to make Horobox a daily habit of yours by sharing our own and sincere opinions through authentic content together with the up to date news form the world of watches. It will be a thrilling adventure for me to take my watch hobby to a further level with Horobox.

I would like to thank all Horobox fans for their support.