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Ulysse Nardin Manufacture Visit

We have been in the business for years. Our trip, which we perform with our watch enthusiast and collector identity as well as press in recent years, continue at full speed. Actually, ‘trip’ is not the right word. It’s an endless adventure. The most exciting parts of this adventure are undoubtedly factory visits.


A book should not be judged by its cover. The same goes for mechanical watches as well. Although we talk about an accessory product that we carry on our wrist, the meaning of a watch and the story behind it are just as important as its appearance. The answer to the famous “Why are these watches so expensive?” is self-answered during these visits. Imagine that in 1846 you will set off with a dream. This struggle will begin with the conviction that young visionary Ulysse Nardin, who lives miles away from the sea, will need punctual devices to keep the routes of intercontinental trade ships intact. In 1870, more than 50 navies will find their way thanks to Nardin’s super-accurate “Marine Chronometer” devices. At the beginning of the 21st century, we, watch lovers, will put on the wrist version of the first original piece made for ships and show up on social media.

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Interview with Francoise Bezzola - CMO of Ulysse Nardin

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La Chaux-de-Fonds is a region of 38,000 inhabitants, home to many famous watch brands. You can get there in about 30 minutes from the ultra-luxurious Hotel Palafitte, where we camp. When you look at the Ulysse Nardin building, there is nothing special about it. It is a modest structure, but as I said at the beginning, you shouldn’t look from outside and decide.

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What’s in there? I can tell you many things, but I think sincerity is the most important one. From the very first step in, you find yourself surrounded by friends who accept you as part of the family. No closed doors. Even in the R & D department, all monitors are open. Everyone continues his or her work without a break. Massimo Bonfigli, Area Sales Manager of the brand who has been with us throughout the tour, adds utmost hospitality to his sincerity and elevates our enjoyment to the top, whom we had an interview with at the past at Horobox TV.

Interview with Gülay Koç - Robb Report (Turkey) Editor in Chief

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Ulysse Nardin is known as the first brand to use silicon in a watch movement in addition to the energy it injects into the world of horology. The brand, which knew the importance of accuracy even in the 1800s and made great contributions to the development of maritime, still continues to produce perfect time-keeping calibers. Ulysse Nardin is one of the brands that focuses entirely on the movement production and prefers to provide other parts such as case, crystal, strap from the specialized experts. “Instead of investing and trying to achieve perfection, we preferred to find partners who are at the top of their professions”, says out dear friend Massimo Bonfigli. Of course, we do not forget to visit the part where they test the conformity of all the products they outsourced to certain standards.


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Throughout our visit, I can say that the parts that affected me the most were the enamel and micro painting sections. Particularly, having the paintings as gifts after watching the drawing and painting processes of Manara with Love models’ dials and take photographs with the master painters, make our experience unforgettable.


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As we finish our trip by an interview with the brand’s marketing manager, dear Françoise Bezzola, and another with our dear friend Gülay Koç / Robb Report (Turkey) Editor in Chief, we leave with many new friends and beautiful memories behind us.


We would like to thank Şark Saatçilik, the brand’s Turkey authorized distributor, and all Ulysse Nardin family for this exceptional organization.

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