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Life Saving Watches

On the 84th anniversary of our great leader's passing into eternity, we gathered together the pocket watch that changed the fate of a nation by saving her life, and the famous life-saving watches that appeared on the silver screen.

We commemorate the founder of the Republic of Turkey, the great leader Atatürk, with mercy and respect on the 84th anniversary of his death. We have all heard that when he was the Anafartalar Group commander, during the attack on Conk Bayırı, a piece of shrapnel hit his chest, hitting his pocket watch, and thus he survived. Have you ever thought that your watch, which you bought with a great appreciation or received as a gift on one on a special occasion, could one day save your life?

It was August 10, 1915. At around 4:30 in the morning, thousands of soldiers stationed on Conk Bayırı were ordered to attack the enemy, the silence was broken and the dust was mixed with smoke. The enemy was not idle either. Cannonballs and bullets were flying in the air. What had happened was happening at that moment, and a piece of shrapnel from the bombs hit the great leader's chest.

He was shaken when he felt the pain. He felt an indescribable pain and involuntarily moved his hand to the point where he was hit. There was no blood, but pain. At that moment, he realized that a piece of shrapnel had hit and shattered the pocket watch he was carrying. Only Colonel Servet Bey, his comrade in arms, had seen the incident. He made a hush signal. Seeing their commanders shot could have adversely affected the Mehmetçik who rushed towards the bullets, at the risk of their lives. He recovered immediately and continued to fight together with his troops.


This pocket watch not only saved the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk but also changed the destiny of a nation. At the end of the attack, in which the fact that Çanakkale was impassable, was announced to the whole world, the great leader Atatürk gifted the watch that saved his life to German Field Marshal Liman Von Sanders, who was in charge of the region. Although much news has been heard over time, there is still no clear information about where this watch is now.

I don't know if there are stories like this in real life, but there are watches that save the lives of the characters in many movies on the big screen.

I wanted to share with you the ones that caught my attention among them because, in films that are all filled with great excitement, we most likely miss these scenes about watches by immersing ourselves in the story.

Our first movie is the famous director Roman Polanski's great production, "The Pianist", which was released in 2002 and Adrien Brody plays a Polish musician. II. Trying to escape the persecution of the Germans during World War II, the young pianist is secretly placed in a house thanks to his friends in the region. In the house where he spent a long time, his friends begin to help him and find it difficult to find food. That's when Wladyslaw Szpilman's Jaeger-LeCoultre watch kicks in and possibly saves a life.

In our second film, “2012”, a plan of salvation is being prepared for the end of the explosive world of the sun, and at the very least, $ 1,000,000,000 per capita. In the movie, starring actor John Cusack plays a divorced father. When the great tremors of the earth begin, he understands that salvation is not on the ground, but in the air. He tries to convince the pilot that he sees to take him and his family away from the disaster-stricken area with his plane. This pilot sports the legendary pilot watch of the IWC, Mark XVI and saves a family’s life all the while adding excitement to the film.

The gang of magicians is at work again. It is a little difficult to say that “Now You See Me”, which attracted great attention in the first episode of the series, achieved the same success in the second movie. While “The Horsemen” undertake a near impossible task this time, the sympathetic American actress Lizzy Caplan joins the team with her role as “Lula”, making the movie watchable. Dylan, played by Mark Ruffalo, deals with the challenges of the mission while trying to uncover the story of his former famous illusionist father. While the giant vault that caused his father's death during a difficult illusion show is about to become a grave for Dylan years later, the protagonist of the event becomes a watch again. It turns out that the watch that once belonged to his father was actually a tool used in the illusion show. Dylan saves his life and the show continues.

I'm sure there are scenes in many movies where watches save lives. If you share what comes to your mind in the comment section, I'm sure the watch lovers will enjoy watching it.

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