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Power Reserve Indicators


The major factors that increase the value of mechanical watches are their complications. A large number of these complications, which are rarely used by the owners, are actually very useful features. One of the first things that come to mind in this group is the power reserve indicator.


Though they have been showing off with timepieces featuring extreme complications, I can say that I am more accustomed to Officine Panerai’s simple display models as one of the brand’s loyal followers. I think, at the top of those functions that complement this simplicity visually, is the power reserve indicator. Possibly Officine Panerai design team agrees with that as we see differently designed power reserve indicators in many models. For the Italian-origin brand, we can say that it is the only Swiss watch manufacturer who uses three different styles of power reserve indicators in its current collection.

Officine-panerai-power-reserve-6.jpg Officine-panerai-power-reserve-7.jpg 

The indicator, which is seen on the dial of the models with 72 hours power reserve, is placed at 6 o’clock in some models, but usually it is between 4 and 5 o’clock. We have the opportunity to wind the watch before the power reserve is depleted thanks to the power reserve indicator hand which moves counter clockwise.

Officine-panerai-power-reserve-10.jpg Officine-panerai-power-reserve-11.jpg 


Officine Panerai Radiomir 1940 GMT Power Reserve Pam00658

The horizontal indicator used for the same purpose but with only 8 and 10 days power reserve models of Panerai is a signature detail. The indicator, moving horizontally to the left as the reserve depletes, has been criticized for a long time by users for the problems it has had in its first model, PAM00233. However, for Officine Panerai it was not too difficult to solve this problem, and in many different models introduced afterwards, this complication was used without any problems.


Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT PAM00233

The PAM00311 model we have in the photographs of Emre ŞİŞMAN has become one of the most remarkable models of the contemporary collection with this horizontal power indicator as well as the domed sapphire crystal, the mono-pusher chronograph function and the "Tobacco" color dial which has a different meaning for the brand. Let me add that the case is made of titanium which is the complement of the brown dials.


Officine-panerai-power-reserve-13.jpg Officine-panerai-power-reserve-14.jpg

Officine Panerai has not forgotten the users who do not like busy dials but want to follow the remaining power though. PAM00627, which is introduced to watch lovers in the SIHH 2016 exhibition, attracts a great deal of attention with its exclusive dial. The power reserve indicator is located at the rear side of the Caliber Ref. P.4001 and can be seen through the sapphire display caseback – i.e. you have to take off the watch to look at the power reserve.

Officine-panerai-power-reserve-12.jpg Officine-panerai-power-reserve-3.jpg

In all three aspects, power reserve indicators that take full marks from us as both visually and functionally, stand out as the most popular and most useful functions in contemporary life along with GMT complication. The three models we choose offer both functions to their users.

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