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Custom Strap Madness


Custom watch straps attract most watch enthusiasts in these days. Instead of buying a new watch, it’s easy to get new looks by putting on different straps. A variety of materials are being used for the straps in this growing business. Each craftsman has it’s own style. We take seven different straps and put on the same watch. All different looks are put together for your viewing pleasure through our talented photographer Emre Sisman.

The straps that we review here are all unique pieces. All feature their master craftsman’s talent and style through their beauty. Different leathers, different ropes, a variety of different cut and stitch forms end up successfully in those masterpieces.

Now we are leaving you with seven hand made straps from seven different craftsmen shown on the legendary Panerai PAM00127 aka “ Fiddy “.

Di Stefano Straps - DS160


The crocodile leather strap shows it’s Italian origins in every detail. Adding a classic look to the watch, the strap measures 26/22 mm. Partially matt leather features a special treatment on the sides. Though it feels a bit stiff in the very beginning, you can’t beat the comfort of the strap after a fair burn in period.

Distefano-straps-3.jpg Distefano-straps-2.jpg

Pulcher’s Leather - Stoner


A perfect fit for almost the entire Panerai collection, Stoner gets Paneristi’s attention with it’s soft feel and special stitch style. Slightly aged on purpose for the retro look, the 26/22mm strap’s sides are left as they are in order to have the all natural mood. With it’s high quality leather you can barely feel the presence of the strap at your wrist.

Pullchers-Leather-3.jpg Pullchers-Leather-2.jpg

Ted Su - NBU-02 Nubuck


The soft touch surface form and sportive looks of the flawless strap create a totally different style with the watch. The overall quality is nicely preserved in every detail. The natural form of the sides and straight stitch style are the highlights of this beautiful strap.

TED-SU-Nubuck-Strap-3.jpg TED-SU-Nubuck-Strap-2.jpg

LeatherworksbyEmre - Dark Beige Soft


Being one of the most praised models of Leatherworks by Emre, we can easily say this strap is a natural match for PAM00127. Perfectly matching with the watch, the strap deserves the name with it’s soft and comfy feel. The strap’s sides are left in natural form. After a period of use, the strap gets a color changing patina. We are confident to state that Emre offers one of the best stitch quality we have seen so far.

Leatherworksbyemre-strap-3.jpg Leatherworksbyemre-strap-2.jpg

Vintager Straps by Micah - French Canvas


Here we go with one of the best canvas straps you’ll ever find. Mostly not preferred due to it’s stiff and notched form, the canvas is turned in to a completely different material in Micah’s hands. The lining on the inside avoids the uncomfortable feel. The straps ages beautifully upon use and feature a neat craftsmanship with the stitches.

Vintager-Straps-3.jpg Vintager-Straps-2.jpg

Mr. Tiptop Leather


Our master strap maker actually did not put any references to his straps. Mostly focused on vintage straps, Mr.Tiptop’s style can easily be recognized with his special craftsmanship. Besides the 26/26mm measures, this is the longest strap among the seven straps we have reviewed. While leaving no doubts about quality, the strap requires a break in period in order to get the optimum wearing comfort.

Tiptop-leather-3.jpg Tiptop-leather-2.jpg

ZeugmaWorks - K060


In order to appreciate the leather and craftsmanship quality of ZeugmaWorks you need to see the strap in person. The straps are definitely privileges to their users as they get a personal patina upon use. Being a personal choice for me as well, ZeugmaWorks is a long time leather goods manufacturer being dedicated to their profession. They offer their experience in leather with the seriousness of a family business.

Zeugma-Straps-3.jpg Zeugma-Straps-2.jpg

Besides our recommendations, there are a bunch of others out there to shop. Due to the increasing demand for custom straps, the business got more professional and beside individual masters, the institutional labels also got involved.

Sometimes it’s good to pass the obvious shopping itch with a strap instead of a watch for all of us.

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