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First Limited Edition Project

Horobox, which is preparing to celebrate its 4th anniversary, had its first limited edition timepiece experience with Arnold & Son. Globetrotter Horobox Edition.

Since the day we started as the Horobox team, one of our most important goals was to bring energy to the sector and elevate the motivation of the watch enthusiasts to the top. All details from the design of our website to our content are prepared with this goal in mind. However, the meetings we organize within the framework of our friendship club Horobox Inside, which is established with the participation of only real watch enthusiasts, is a source of motivation for both participants and Horobox visitors.


The idea of a limited-watch project was first revealed during Baselworld 2017 but we had to postpone it because of some problems occurred while we were working on a model we liked. Our aim was to produce a project that would suit us and make a loud voice in the sector, which brought different models to the agenda. After a full year, we met this new model of Arnold & Son at Baselworld and we pushed the button for the project.

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-8.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-1.jpg

In addition to its eye-catching design, Globetrotter has greatly impressed us with its complications. Even though its 45mm diameter case is perceived as oversized, the telescopic case structure makes the wrist feel very comfortable. The 45-hour power reserve is perfectly sufficient for the automatic movement designed and manufactured by Arnold & Son.

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-2.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-24.jpg

It took us about 4 months to reach a common conclusion about the customizations we wanted and the details of the project. In this process, both in Arnold & Son and its Turkey distributor D Time were very supportive. Positive responses to each request led to the project to speed up.


After the end of all the work, the most difficult but most exciting aspects of the waiting process began. After about 4 months, the expected news came and we started to pack for our trip.

Arnold & Son wanted to host us in their factory. We gladly accepted this request and were very happy. After our flight to Geneva followed by a short drive with our friends from D Saat, we have reached the factory and we began our tour.


We were once again convinced that the brand we selected for the project was the right choice. Every stage of production is formed by combining high technology and craftsmanship to produce perfect timepieces. It is impossible not to be affected from each point, from the construction of the cases to the movements and superior craftsmanship.

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-19.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-23.jpg

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-21.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-22.jpg

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-18.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-20.jpg

I also need to mention the customizations made on the watch when it comes to hand work. It is possible to track the time in any part of the world through the three-dimensional hemisphere rotating below a special bridge. This feature is also named the model. We wanted Turkey to be hand painted in our motherland Turkey flag’s bright red color in order to make that part more noticeable. However, to see the limit number on the dial and differentiate the watches from each other, we chose the corresponding index as red color.


arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-4.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-5.jpg

At the end of our tour, we would finally have the chance to see our watches. We had a surprise beyond our expectations in the presentation room specially prepared for us. Arnold & Son, who was kind enough to invite us to its factory, had left the last screw in our watches loose to be done by us. With great care, we had a small share of our own watchmaking thanks to those screws we carefully put into place.


Considering the wonderful box set and the Horobox engraving on the case back, the Globetrotter Horobox Edition is more than just a watch with this special experience.

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-7.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-6.jpg

Although the short duration of our factory tour is very enjoyable, it is a fact that leaving the watches there made us all sad.

As most of you agree, the sector has focused on several brands and even several models of these brands recently. This situation provides a certain amount of movement, and on the other hand, it causes the markets not to move freely. Ours and similar projects undoubtedly draw the attention in the sector and remind us that the world of watches does not revolve around the models with high resale values only.


Thankfully, the delivery of our Globetrotters by D Saat was not too late. It was worth seeing the smile on the faces of our team members, when they got together to have their watches at Quadran Boutique.


I could say that Globetrotter Horobox Edition was a source of motivation for our entire team in order to hold on to our jobs. We have already started initiatives for similar projects. Therefore, get ready for surprise projects in 2019.

arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-12.jpg arnold-son-globetrotter-horobox-limited-edition-13.jpg

Horobox, which has received visits from over 250 countries with its global identity in less than 4 years, continues to expand its borders with this project. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone beginning with Arnold & Son. Besides Arnold & Son, we would like thank D Saat, our exclusive partner of the project and distributor of other luxury watchmaking brands such as HYT, TAG Heuer and Breitling, as well by looking forward for new projects.

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