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Why Do I Wear A Panerai Luminor Due?


Officine Panerai, which has a serious fan base for years with its own sporty style, showed up with a very different style last year in May. It was really enjoyable to be one of the first users to get the Luminor Due model while the model has been criticized widely.


In our interview in January I remember the words of Mr. Angelo Bonati very clearly. "Panerai is a soul, a style. When you buy a Panerai, you do not only get a watch. You also have the culture and vision in it. "

So, what is this style? How can we define it? Considering it’s deeply rooted connections with the sea and the navy, its unique crown guard design and its oversized image that can be counted above the average, we can call Panerai a full sporting spirit. I do not think that the watch aficionados who have become fanatics of the brand for years will make a different interpretation.


Luminor Due on the other hand, is a little out of the style that we are used to. It’s more like a dress watch than a sports watch. Likewise, this is the truth accepted by the watch enthusiasts and a large part of the criticism is in this direction.


After nearly a year of use, I would like to share with you all the positive and negative aspects of Luminor Due through the perspective of a Panerista, leaving all these criticisms aside. 

Luminor Due is available in two sizes of 42 and 45mm. I used a 42mm case with a thickness of only 10.5mm, considering the environments that I would wear the watch.

panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-4-.jpg panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-2-.jpg

Luminor makes you feel that you wear hi-end watch. I found it quite comfortable on the wrist every time I wore it and I never had to take it off my wrist for any reason. The model, which we can call it the different face of Panerai, is a strong candidate to be the most comfortable timepiece I have ever used with its unique case form and exclusively designed buckle.

panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-5-.jpg panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-6-.jpg 

When you wear it with your dark blue and gray suits, you feel like it’s a part of your writs with its beauty and slim size which can easily fit under a cuff. Though I haven’t tried it personally, I am sure the brown strap option would also accompany your stylish outfits in dark or light tones.

panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-13-.jpg panerai-luminor-due-pam00676-15-.jpg

My favorite visual detail is the classic Panerai crown guard which slightly reveals itself even when it’s hidden under a cuff.


Panerai’s in-house Caliber P.1000 offers a three-day power reserve when it’s fully wound and this is more than enough for me. You can leave your watch in your drawer on Friday and wear it on Monday without re-setting.  One of my favorite things about the Caliber P.1000 is the second hand resetting at zero when the winding crown is pulled out.

Though I was not satisfied with the accuracy of the watch, it was still a pleasure to be able to measure it for a watch enthusiast for me.Frankly speaking, I would expect a better time keeping performance after paying 7800,00 EUR but +21 seconds after three days was not that bad at all (it gets less from time to time).


You never have a legibility problem regardless of the environment. Panerai’s DNA is always with you. The sapphire crystal and the sun-brushed black dial scream that it is a Panerai.


Unfortunately, Luminor Due is not able to offer the standards we are accustomed to in terms of water resistance. I have never worn the watch under the water. And I suggest the same to all owners. At the end of the day, there’s no point in getting such a slim and leather strap watch wet. And if you do, you will probably not have any problem unless you scuba dive with it. 

Every minute I spent with my watch was quite enjoyable. There were quite a few moments when it’s noticed by people who are in to watches or totally not interested about them. Although it is not exactly a face that reflects the brand, it is not possible to mistake Luminor Due for anything else than Panerai.


As watch lovers, we better prepare ourselves for changes like that in other brands as even Patek Philippe did the same with its pilot watch. It’s hard to say that the model reflects the brand however it is not an easy to find model either. This must be a proof of interest for that particular timepiece.


I believe the presence of the Luminor Due Collection will expand in future. We should not be surprised to see a “special edition” soon.

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