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Interview With Julien Tornare – CEO of Zenith

Julien Tornare – the experienced CEO of Zenith which attracted a great deal of attention with its renovated product line as well as extra ordinary models equipped with game changing features, was the guest of Horobox TV.

During our interview, we talked about the technology behind the Defy 21 and Defy Lab models as well as Zenith’s approach for the booming customization and e-commerce concepts. We also had the opportunity to hear about Julien Tornare’s comments about the changes he has been through upon signing up with Zenith in terms of career and point of view.

At the end of our pleasant chat with Mr.Tornare, where we asked him about Zenith’s approach to highly popular Heritage concept and focusing on launching new ladies’ collection which seems more like a lifesaving move for many brands, we did not forget to take the Horobox classic wrist shot.

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