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Kailash Review


The growing trend for smart watches increase it’s share in the market with each passing day. In fact, even major Swiss brands are involved with this hype and start developing their own models. With the help of the continuously evolving technology, these smart watches became praised items due to their admiring functionality.

At the beginning, the readings ( regarding the values for directions, humidity, temperature etc. ) of the first generation models are not quite on the accurate side. However, those smart watches now became virtually a part of our body with their precisely detailed information which varies from our pulse rate to the cities on our world tour route.


Suunto is well known for manufacturing smart devices that can be attached to wrists rather than simply watches. In my opinion, the Finnish brand, leading with it’s diving and outdoor oriented models, came up with a “high level” smart watch for the first time by Kailash.


Being the first watch out of the “World” product line, Kailash gets it’s name from the famous 6000 meters high mountain of Tibet which has never been climbed before due to it’s sacred position for the locals. Kilian Jornet, chosen as the 2014’s adventurist by National Geographic, describes the mount Kailash as “ a mountain that inspires every mountaineer though not being available for climbing “. Naturally, a watch inspired by such an icon like Kailash, the target group for the product are the adventurers. The name of the application which is currently limited to pair Kailash with iPhone only supports the spirit as well; “ 7R”


“7R” is the nick name for the gene DRD4-7R that is believed to be present within the hard core adventurers only. According to some scientist, this gene pushes the will for exploring and the holders are meant to be devoted adventurers who are not afraid of taking risks.

 Kailash starts to get attention without getting out of the box. Black aluminum box is surely designed to be your travel buddy. When you start exploring the 70 grams only watch your attention increases drastically.


The watch sports a set of three pushers. The most functional button is named 7R. Designed in a different style than the other two, 7R welcomes you to meet Kailash after a 2scn press.


If your location is good for GPS reception Kailash sets the time, date and location automatically. Afterwards, further settings are done by the user through nice and user friendly software.


Kailash gets connected to the GPS pretty fast. The receiver placed in the inner side of the titanium bezel works efficiently. It is important to load your current residential location precisely to Kailash. If the distance with your home position is more than 75km’s, Kailash acts as you are on a vacation and sets the diary mode accordingly.

Being able to monitor your distance between the start point and tell you directions when you are exploring a new location, Kailash can save all your travel datas via the 7R Logbook function. You can see the number of the countries you travel or the distance you took by simply pressing the 7R button. Kailash can even present you the information of your actual step number per day.


Buttons work like a charm. Press feel is smooth but solid. Kailash gives a short vibe after each press.

Suunto_Kailash_16.jpg Suunto_Kailash_5.jpg

Another feature of the model is “ Adventure Timeline “. Kailash can display user selected information among the time keeping function within the LCD display. Sunset/Sunrise times, altitude or pedometer information can be monitored through the high tech display.


Besides it’s unique functions, Kailash also sports a number of features which are quite useful in your daily routine. After pairing with the 7R application you can manage the calls, messages and e-mails through Kailash as well.

Suunto_Kailash_12.jpg Suunto_Kailash_11.jpg

Alarm, count down timer, compass and chronograph are the other features of Kailash. The display can turn in to a flashlight with the help of an extra LED behind the display.

The most important feature of Kailash is not requiring another device to fully function. The need of being connected to another device for most smart watches is a common complain subject by the users. Apparently, Suunto took this problem in to consideration during the R&D stage of Kailash.

Besides it amazing features, Kailash outperforms it’s rivals aesthetically as well. Being offered in 4 different colors, Kailash’s sapphire crystal and the titanium bezel are designed to operate every possible environment. The case, which reflects a brilliant combination of functionality and modernism, is made of composite material that we became quite familiar lately. I believe we will see the composite cases in future Suunto models as the material offers lightness and durability at the same time.


The rubber strap matches the watch perfectly as we expect from Suunto quality.


Another outperforming feature for Kailash is it’s stand by time which can get up to 10 days. While major models in the market offers one and a half day stand by time roughly, Kailash can go up to 30 days with the GPS function disabled.



After the short test drive with Kailash, I can not report any negative comments about the device. However, I suggest the buyers to think twice after getting a Kailash as the device is capable of saving and reporting every single move of the user in detail. In other words, if you are up for an “ adventurous “ break but planning to tell your spouse that you will be playing cards with your buddies, consider our comments ;).

Suunto_Kailash_10.jpg Suunto_Kailash_9.jpg

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