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Dubai Watch Week 2017


I finally got a chance to visit the organization 3rd edition this year. The interest and the participation for the organization that brings brands together with media and watch fans, increase every year. One of the most interesting details of Dubai Watch Week is the panels where you can have a chance to chat with famous names of the horology world.


After upgrading my passion for mechanical watches to a professional level thanks to Horobox, I have participated in many different organizations. In addition to the major exhibitions like SIHH and Baselworld, I also visited factories and special shows. Dubai Watch Week is one of these but to be honest, it is a very different experience compared to the others.

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Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is the largest distributor of luxury watches in the Middle East. They deliver the most important brands of Swiss watchmaking and they are also the founder of the Dubai Watch Week event. In an environment like Dubai where luxury shopping is at its extreme, it would not be easy for someone else to carry out an organization like that.

I think the best description for Dubai Watch Week is "the meeting point". For the participants, different environments were prepared in different concepts. In one place there are panels organized by personalities recognized by everyone in the world of watches and on the other side there are fairgrounds where brands display their models. You can either see all the award winning timepieces of GPHG or disassemble and reassemble movements with master watchmakers from different brands.

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Before all, you are with your virtual friends that you know but did not have the opportunity to meet in person. I think this is the most important point that brings the organization to the next level.


In the Horology forums where different topics are processed, you can spend time with the legendary watchmaker Mr. Kurt Klaus or François-Paul Journe who has been acclaimed with his great timepiece designed for the Onlywatch auction.

In the panel managed by Suzanne Wong, editor of Revolution from the best printed magazines in the sector, it is possible to chat about the replica watch culture with Mr. Ahmed Seddiqi, who is in charge of marketing in the Seddiqi group.


David Candaux, a member of the family who was born and raised in Vallée de Joux, the home of the mechanical watches, and who has been a master of clock for several generations, is a name that has recently taken its place in the world of horology. The First 8 model is a masterpiece with its unique crown guard system. In the Dubai Watch Week event, it is possible to disassemble a movement with this master as well.

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There is so much to say about the organization. Finding a better place to spend a week full of watches is not so easy nowadays. You set yourself up on your own schedule and get lost in the world of horology, without going into a tight tempo.

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Although every activity in the day is very enjoyable, I would like talk about the entertaining side of the event as well. Along with product launches from all brands, the parties that continue until late at night are also among the remarkable notes of Dubai Watch Week. Jean Ghalo (@ MrPinglife), one of the names bearing the burden of the organization welcomes us at a superb cigar night. While you sip your drink with Marco Tedeschi from Hublot, Fabrizio Buonamassa from Bulgari and many other important names, you get along pleasant conversations.

Also the launch of the new Batman-based model of Romain Jerome, organized by beloved Jean Ghalo, is the most talked-about party in Dubai Watch Week. 

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization especially to Seddiqi Family and Christie’s, one of the biggest auction houses in the world Although Horobox has made itself known as a global brand in the world of watches, I was really proud to represent a Turkish origin media in this organization. Horobox, which is not yet 3 years old, continues to develop with the contributions of you. In the coming days, we will continue to announce similar organizations here.


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