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Suunto Ambit3 "Multi Sport Experience"


Combining outdoor activities with technological equipment makes us much more delighted. Amateur and professional sportsmen and women have the chance to increase their performances easily or to make major steps forward in using the numerous products of several companies. 

Nowadays the possibility that a professional athlete running a 100km marathon and an amateur making a wellness run of 3 km during weekend are using the same technological device, is pretty big.

These kinds of devices have friendly interfaces, simple menus, can very easily be synchronized with almost each technological item and are offering a lot of special features and are therefore conveniently used by everybody.

Suunto, one of the top brands in this category has designed the model Ambit3 and we had the chance to examine the piece closer. After getting in touch with the distributor company we had a nice talk with the brand manager and our friend Deniz ADA.

We would like to express our thanks to the company he’s representing and of course to himself, who is beside his job an outdoor sportsmen using a Suunto Ambit3.

As a part of a team only writing about its own opinion and experiences we thought to do our job also this time without compromising our principles. Together with Emre Şişman, the actor on our photos, we went to analyze the most talented model “Peak” of the Suunto Ambit3 series and to run in Belgrad Forest.


Doubtless, until know it was the most pleasant analyze but beside that, to be truthful we had to sweat a lot. The company from Finland was founded in 1936 to produce compasses for the army. And today, the manufactured devices and the company’s actual position is admirable.

_DSC5572.jpg _DSC5602-copy.jpg

Ambit3 presents its quality on the wrist and follows all of your steps while your activity. Thanks to the GPS receiver you have the chance to see the activity location on the map. Subsequently, thanks to the software platform you are able to transfer all data per Bluetooth or through the data transfer cable supplied in the packet to electronic environment. To recharge the device you can use the same cable. When the Lithium battery is fully loaded it has operating life of 50 hours. 


_DSC5555.jpg _DSC5532.jpg

Compatible with IOS, Android, Windows and Mac, you are able to see all details from your devices or on the other hand you are able to reach the information through the website without to paying any membership fee. 

suunto.jpg suunto21.jpg

Models with HR code are standardly supplied with a chest strap to measure pulse and burned calories. Using Bluetooth technology in transferring these types of data makes it possible to follow the values during swim activities too. 


Ambit3 has the biggest GPS antenna a device like this could be hold. The device is able to connect with 24 different satellites and is choosing out of these 3 with the best reception and is synchronizing all date through these 3 satellites. Due to that information of altitude and location are reachable without problems


On your device you can load your fitness training program and the map of the activity location. Ambit3 keeps parkour locations used before in memory, these features provide the users a lot of convenience. 

_DSC5521.jpg _DSC5537.jpg

Beside the model “Peak” we analyzed, Ambit3 has two more different versions “Sport” and “Running”. We as Horobox are very impressed by the model “Peak” but in our opinion, people doing underdog sports should choose model “Sport” with different color variations.


The company is manufacturing all of the high-level models in its workshop in Finland, a few models are manufactured in China.

Suunto proceeds step by step to become the leader of its own segment. We’re awaiting the new collection to be released in August impatiently.

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