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Start Up Tips For Collecting Watches


A while ago an article caught my eyes while surfing on the internet;

“ The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector. The scope of collecting is unlimited: "If something exists, somebody somewhere collects them."

This explanation can be found in different web sites. The article goes on with the definition of hobby as;

“ A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area. “

Collecting is a hobby mostly starts at our younger ages.Irrespective of any exact reason, we have a passion of having more than one of some specific objects, spend time with them and care for them. Some of us collect metal caps of beverage bottles and some of us identify themselves as a collector by simple putting together his/her shoes in the wardrobe.

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Everyone of us feels proud of what he/she has as a collection and shares the passion with the others. This specific hobby can sometimes be represented by a simple lighter that we use daily and sometimes a collection of stamps that we keep in our precious safe..!


When we get back to our subject i.e. watches this hobby can get pretty enjoying.Being a must for most of the people watches are especially fundamental accessories for men so what we have to do to be a watch collector..?

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Well, I can not say that there are specific requirements to be fulfilled precisely however I feel free to express a variety of experiences I have witnessed myself through the years to be considered exclusively;

Always remember collecting is a hobby.

Yes, after all this is a hobby.Therefore your priority is to have FUN.Before you step in to the ocean of details, you should focus on your enjoyment of having the watch and decide accordingly.

As an example you should decide whether you want to keep the watch you bought in a safe and simply wait for it's value to appreciate in time OR you want to wear it 4-5 days a week. A sincere  and honest judgment will be a good start.

Take your time and do not decide in a hurry before you buy your first/next watch.

Decisions made without thinking enough will possible end up with aspects you will not be happy about.

It is quite possible to find watches in most collectors watch boxes which have been bought at the very first times of this hobby being not used at all or barely used today.

Watches acquired with temporary desires will most possibly end up being nothing but un-wanted extras.Before you buy your next watch take some time and try to enjoy the watch you bought previously as much as possible.Search more for your next watch.

Always remember, your collection has a value and take good care of it.

Excluding some very special occasions, your watches will depreciate with value in your first days after your acquisition however it will not loose it's overall value.Keep your time pieces properly and maintain on a regular basis.Simple maintaining can be done with a set of basic equipment at home by yourself. Also keeping your data ( photos, buying prices, scans of documents etc. ) in digital format will point out the value you put on your time pieces and provide the ability to stay connected to your collection. Horobox's Watch Box function allows you to do that safe and fast.You may search for your watch through the archive and add to your watch box with some handy information such as buying price/location. In case you have not seen your watch through our archive section you may use “ Add Your Watch “ function to include your time piece. Those kind of extras will always make you enjoy your hobby more.

Set up a budget and shop accordingly.

Setting up and managing the budget is entirely depends on your personal choice.You may focus on an annual budget or just decide on the dates for your up coming purchases.

Chose your style.

A 100,00 USD digital watch given to you as a college graduation present by your family may not be important to others but for you it may be way more valuable than your Rolex.It is YOUR collection.

Your are free to be inspired by the others but the Patek Philippe that you have seen on John Meyer's wrist may not be a possible next watch for the rest of your life.A collection of time pieces put together upon your personal taste is the key point to move forward with your hobby joyfully.

Some collectors focus on a specific brand only while others go for a variety of several brands with similar styles. Take your time and let your own experiences guide you thru the path.

Search and get information.

Collecting is NOT buying a bunch of watches and own them directly.Do not limit your knowledge with the specific model that you plan to buy but try to learn more for about the hobby itself. For example, having a brief information about Officine Panerai History is way more valuable than knowing about one specific model only.Sometimes this general information leads you to your next watch. A specific model that you are well aware of it's current value say 10.000 EUR may not be within the limits of your budget but when you happen to find this very same watch with a nice price, you will re-consider the situation.Your knowledge will connect you more to your hobby.

“ History “ is everything regarding collecting watches.

Always consider this fact before taking decisions.The story behind a watch mostly overcomes the aesthetics.This maybe either a vintage Daytona from 1965 or a re-issue watch which tributes to the original version launched 50 years ago.

When the subject is collecting hundreds of pages can be written but the essence is your personal choice along the enjoyment you feel with your hobby.

I am in to watch collecting for years and created my humble collection of my personal taste.I feel quite happy and satisfied with my watches but I never give up searching for different alternatives. I sincerly hope I keep my enthusiasm for a long period of time and stay active within this hobby.

I'll be more than happy to answer your questions via e-mail about collecting watches, different models or simply anything related to watches.

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