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Horobox Will Be The First to Present Officine Panerai Novelties


Officine Panerai has launched six new Luminor Submersible 1950 models, designed to promote at the 2017 SIHH fair to the likes of watch enthusiasts. There is also a new version of the Bronze model that the fans of Officine Panerai are waiting with great enthusiasm.

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Panerai’s transition to in-house seems to finally be complete with the new Submersible collection. In all the newly introduced models, the automatic mechanism is the Caliber Ref. P.9010 that the brand developed in-house. 

With the superior quality and workmanship, the case materials of the watches were selected by blending technological and traditional methods. In addition to Titanium and 316L Grade stainless steel which we are familiar with from the old Submersible models, we are confronted with an 18K red gold alloy specially prepared by Panerai, BMG-Tech with high strength and surface resistance, and of course bronze; which everybody awaited with great curiosity.


Officine Panerai Submersible 1950 BMG-Tech 3 Days Automatic PAM00692

The latest product of "Panerai Laboratorio di Idée" features paradigm-shifting innovations for the watchmaking industry. The result of long-standing R&D work, BMG-Tech promises to offer a combination of high durability and lightness. Yes, there are many models from different brands that have already been introduced with these and similar promises, but Panerai has made the difference with its superior know-how in tribology. The case, the bezel, the winding crown, and the crown guard are made of a special material called "metallic glass". BMG-Tech combines the smoothness of glass with the hardness and durability of the metal, and has characteristics that exhibit crystallization due to its structure and therefore has irregular atomic distribution. The alloy is produced from zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel elements and is cooled in seconds immediately after molding with injection under high temperature and pressure. At this point, the atoms crystals entering the chaotic crystal structure have corrosion resistance, resistance to magnetic fields, and stability far beyond what it is supposed to be. The ability to keep the brand new condition after many years seems to be the most important feature of this model.

Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00692-6.jpg Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00692-7.jpg

PAM692 Submersible BMG-Tech has a water resistance value of 300 meters like other watches in the series. The sapphire crystal glasses used on the front and rear surfaces are in stark transparency to the eye-catching dark blue dial and the movement. In-house produced Caliber Ref. P.9010 consists of a total of 200 parts. The 6mm thick 31 jewels movement beats at 28800vph and offers 72 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The hacking second and the hour hand, which can be adjusted independently from the minute hand, are very handy features for frequent travelers. The PAM 692 comes on a rubber strap and a titanium buckle. The list price of this special model is announced at € 9900.

Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00692-1.jpg Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00692-3.jpg


Officine Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo PAM00671

Officine Panerai, which we consider to be one of the stars of the 2017 SIHH, is introducing the 3rd generation Bronze model. Following PAM00382 and PAM00507, PAM00671, again with a bronze case of 47mm in diameter, takes its place in the Bronzo family with a dark blue dial.


Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-Bronzo-Blue-PAM00671-2.jpg Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-Bronzo-Blue-PAM00671-3.jpg

The PAM671, which will get a unique look with the patina it gets over time in its structure, is powered with the Caliber Ref. P.9010. The movement that provides a 72-hour power reserve also features an independently adjustable hour hand for the frequent traveler. The model with sapphire crystal glasses on the front and back sides and water resistance value of 300 meters will be produced in a limited number with only 1000 pieces. It looks like the PAM 671 Bronzo, with its counter-rotating diving time calculation bezel and special material used exclusively for "vintage" bronze diving equipment, will be spoken about a lot.


Available with a brown leather strap and titanium clasp, the model comes in a special, large "Special Edition" box.



Officine Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio PAM01305

Luminor Submersible 1950 model, produced in the past years with the reference PAM00305, is presented to the likes of watch enthusiasts with a new dial and mechanism refreshed after a small makeup operation. The technical features of the PAM01305’s mechanism, with the updated bridge design, are the same as its predecessor.


The new model comes in a 47mm diameter titanium case; water resistant to 300 meters. The model’s uni-rotational bezel, rubber strap, Super-Luminova hands and indices that provide maximum visibility in the dark, are very important features for the "diver watch category".

Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM01305-2.jpg Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM01305-3.jpg

PAM 1305 will be available for sale in 2017 with a list price of € 8900.


Officine Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio & Oro Rosso

Panerai has introduced two different models this year for those who love the Submersible style case design, but prefer more compact sizes. PAM00682 with 316L stainless steel case and PAM00684 with 18K red gold case options are available, and combines comfort and functionality.

Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00684-1.jpg Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-1950-PAM00682-3.jpg

Both models have a case diameter of 42mm. The stainless steel (PAM682) version is offered with a stainless steel bezel, while the 18K red gold model (PAM684) is designed with a matte black ceramic bezel. Both models are powered with the Caliber Ref. P.9010. The 18K red gold model has more copper content than similar gold alloys of other brands, and that provides a unique gold tone.


The stainless steel version is water resistant to 300 meters, while the gold model’s WR rating is limited to 100 meters. The 2017 list prices of the models to be offered on rubber straps are announced as 8500 € (PAM 682) and 25900 € (PAM 684).


Officine Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio PAM01389

Another makeup member of the Submersible collection is the Amagnetic model, which collects great appreciation from the very first day of release. The new model manages to attract attention with its 47mm titanium case, matte black ceramic bezel, Caliber Ref. P.9010 movement, and unusual dial design.


The face lift operation seems to be limited with the blue second hand from the dial side but, when we look at the back side of the watch we see that the sapphire crystal display caseback is replaced with a solid titanium one. The PAM1389 has much more magnetic protection than its equivalents, as the name suggests. Produced according to international NIHS 90-10 standards, the model is designed to be immune to magnetic flux up to 40,000 A / m.


The list price of PAM 1389, which will be offered on a black rubber strap and titanium buckle, is announced as € 10700.


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