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Officine Panerai LAB-ID PAM00700


Officine Panerai, which is among the indispensable names of the watch industry with its original designs and unique fan base, is preparing to mark SIHH 2017 with a new model that reflects the development spirit of the brand.

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The model, specially developed by Officine Panerai’s "Laboratorio di Idee" , collects the technological features that redefine traditional watchmaking.

At SIHH 2017, all of the components that bring together the model that onlookers see, also shed light on what the Florentine brand name can do.


PAM 700 which is limited to 50 pieces only, comes with a 49mm diameter case made of Carbotech material, which the brand has used before. Introduced by Officine Panerai for the first time to the watchmaking industry, the Carbotech case is built by a production technique based on the integration of carbon fiber leaves with polymer parts known as “Polyether Ether Ketone”, all put under a certain temperature and pressure.


The trademark’s symbol detail, the crown guard unit and the crown itself are made of the Carbotech material as well. The 100M water pressure durability value provides the protection required for everyday use for the Luminor 1950 style case.


Offering a user-friendly structure with its hypoallergenic feature, the Carbotech case of the PAM700 promises to be quite comfortable with its lighter weight compaired to today’s Ceramic and Titanium materials. 


The dial of the PANERAI LAB-ID ™ model is also home to innovations both visually and technologically, matching up with the rest of the watches concept. Designed in black, there is a nanotube carbon coating on the surface of the dial. This surface coating, making it’s debut for the first time in the watchmaking industry, absorbs the light and reduces the reflection level to a minimum.

Officine Panerai, known for always having the most ambitious designs for readability, is able to achieve the expected surplus with SuperLuminova phosphor material applied hands and indexes that provide a blue tone. Due to the composite structure of the sandwich-designed dial, no additional processes can be made, so all the symbols that need to be placed on the dial in normal conditions are integrated into the sapphire crystal glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating.


The new model is powered with the Caliber Ref. P.3001/C, which reveals the capabilities of Officine Panerai laboratories. Equipped with innovations that push the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, there are only four jewels in the mechanism. The manual winding movement offers a 3-day power reserve when fully wound.


But the most interesting part of the work is hidden in the components that make up the movement... Caliber Ref. P.3001/C can work in its brand new performance without service for exactly 50 years thanks to the parts made of tantalum-based ceramic alloy such as bridges, barrels, escapement and even the main plate. All of the wheels in the movement developed on the principle of minimizing the need for lubrication come with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating which allows keeping the level of friction as low as possible.

Panerai-Lab-D-Carbotech-Pam00700-4.jpg Panerai-Lab-D-Carbotech-Pam00700-5.jpg


The Panerai engineers, who also DLC coated the 4 jewels in the movement, eliminate the need for lubrication of the Incabloc® shock absorber, known as one of the most important parts of the mechanism.

A large part of the movement can be watched, and the power reserve can be observed, from the sapphire crystal window located at the center of the caseback.

Designed to match the black concept, the black leather strap features seams that accompany the blue details of the model. The strap is secured with a classic Pre-V buckle finished in black. 


PANERAI LAB-ID PAM00700 visually combines the technological details that reveal just how far Officine Panerai has come in the world of watchmaking, while presenting details that remain true to the brand’s DNA. In the eyes of an end-user, knowing that these innovations have been realized is enough to give us goose bumps. For the heavyweights of the industry, the situation is, of course different.  These innovations need to be closely noted, as they are raising the bar for industry standard.  The watch industry as a whole should keep an eye on the big things Officine Panerai is doing if they want to compete.  I believe looking at these innovations as if they are specific to Panerai, is nothing more than taking precautions simply based on the visible part of the iceberg.

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