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Kanyon AVM Boutique Visit


As the capital city for luxury life style and shopping trends, Istanbul hosts a very exclusive group of shops and brand boutiques regarding the luxury watch market.

One of the leading companies and a multi brand distributor Tektaş Saatçilik, owns the pride of having it’s recently face lifted boutique in the nicest shopping mall of Istanbul - Kanyon AVM.


We are very pleased with the spacious environment as well as the sincere attitude of the boutique’s crew.  

_DSC7235.jpg _DSC7118.jpg


The boutique features a multi brand structure presenting arguably horology’s top brand Patek Philippe among other fine names such as Audemars Piguet and Brequet. There is also a wide selection of Chopard watches which strongly reveals a unique flavor supported by it’s loyal fans all over the world. 


_DSC7149.jpg _DSC7153.jpg

You are welcomed by the top professional watch manufacturing brand Breitling’s beautiful display stand.


_DSC7191.jpg _DSC7136.jpg

Among those fine brands of horology, the Tektaş Boutique also features one of the leading watch winder companies SwissKubik.

By having a remarkable stock for luxury watches and beatifully designed individual corners for watch brands, Tektaş Boutique is ready to fulfill any requirement of it’s domestic and international visitors.


_DSC7119.jpg _DSC7121.jpg

_DSC7129.jpg _DSC7141.jpg


We would like thank Tektaş Saatçilik crew for hosting this marvellous trip to finest examples of horology and strongly advise all watch enthusiasts to pay a visit to the boutique not only for shopping but having the up to date information of luxury watch world.

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