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Officine Panerai’s Mare Nostrum Story Continues with PAM 716


If you are looking for a timepiece with a story, it will be enough to choose one of the Office Panerai models. PAM00716, introduced in July, is one of the best examples you can find in this regard. "Mare Nostrum" has begun to appear in the wrist of the watch lovers with the 42mm case which has been expected for years.


When it gets to Panerai, many people heard the same words:

"These all look like each other!"

Although it is actually a superficial comment, it is not easy to explain to those who are not interested in details. I was trying to answer in my past years, but now I’ve given up on this struggle 

Mare Nostrum is one of the many models that can be told about with its game changer nature. The story of the model, known as the first chronograph from the brand, goes back to the World War II. Mare Nostrum, which means "Our Sea" in Latin, is known as the name given to the Aegean Sea during the Roman Empire period.

Mare Nostrum, which was planned to be produced for deck officers in 1943 and was prototyped, has never been produced in mass as mentioned in many sources. I have never seen a prototype that is produced in 52 mm case, but it is possible to find its photos on the web. There are also those who claim that the watch sold by Christie’s auction in Geneva in 2005 was actually produced in the 1950s. In short, we can say that Mare Nostrum vintage is one of the most controversial models in the world of Panerai.


The First Panerai Mare Nostum Model -

Mare Nostrum has been appeared for the second time in the world of watches back in the year 1993 when the brand became available to the public for the first time. The first blue dial Panerai, the 5218 / 301A, is still among the most sought-after one within the models known as PreV and produced between 1993-1997.

There are also two different Mare Nostrum models produced by Officine Panerai in 2010 and 2015. Models with 52 mm cases (both stainless steel and titanium in the first place) are very interesting, but due to their gigantic dimensions, they are more like collectors’ items than daily wearers.

I will not pass on to PAM00716, which was introduced a few months ago and highly appreciated  by the brand’s fans, before sharing an interesting note with you.


There are actually 3 reference numbers in the PreV models known as Mare Nostrum. Besides the 5218-301A, which I mentioned above and is known to be produced only of 99 pieces, there are 2 more models which are produced in a limited span of 50 units per each. 5218-302 and 5218-304. This model is known as Slytech Mare Nostrum. It is really interesting that the nickname given to 5218-304 referenced models, which were originally planned to be produced in 500 units but ended up with only 50. 31 of them are sold and the remaining 19 are given to the Vendome Group. The model’s nickname is "Demi MOORE". It is not so easy to find that model, which is wider than the others and equipped with a plain bezel.

Let’s get to the last member of the Mare Nostrum family. PAM00716. It is one of the special editions of the year 2017 and it will be produced in 1000 units. The model, which we may say pretty similar to the 5218-301A, comes in a 42mm case with 50 meter water resistance value.

panerai-mare-nostrum-42mm-pam00716-3-.jpg panerai-mare-nostrum-42mm-pam00716-1-.jpg

The model is powered with the hand-wound & Dubois-Depraz  chronograph module added ETA 2801 which offers 42h power reserve when fully wound.


The PAM 716’s blue stitched leather strap completes the visual beauty of the model, which is difficult to separate from the original model with a tachymeter bezel and bi-compax lay out blue dial. One of the notable features of PAM00716 is that the Mare Nostrum text on the top of the winding crown which tributes to the model produced in 1993.


The re-make of the model, which undoubtedly bears a very important place in the history of Panerai, is actually a pleasing innovation for watch lovers like me who don’t have the original Mare Nostrum in their collection. But it is not possible to say the same thing for 5218-301A owners. The original Mare Nostrum, which had a resale value of over 20,000 EUR back then, is now being sold at prices between 12-13,000 EUR. With a MSRP of 9,900 EUR, the 1000 units PAM716 will pleased many watch enthusiasts, but it will likely have a negative impact on the resale prices of the original Mare Nostrum timepieces.

panerai-mare-nostrum-42mm-pam00716-9-.jpg panerai-mare-nostrum-42mm-pam00716-11-.jpg

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