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Interview with Gregory Bruttin of Roger Dubuis


Roger Dubuis is an exceptional brand with it’s “ Geneva Seal “ approved movements, innovative complications and respectful attitude to traditional watch making. The brand’s young and talented movement designer Gregory Bruttin is our guest of honor at Horobox.

SO: Welcome to Horobox..

GB: Thank you..

SO: We see that you are mostly focused on women’s collection this year.. What are the reasons for this decision..? Is it possible to speak about an increasing demand in this regard..?

GB: Velvet Collection is a very successful product line we started about four years ago. We wanted to support this collection with newly added models and decided to participate SIHH 2016 with Velvet Collection. Also we would like to highlight the importance and value that RD gives to women. 


SO: We are well aware that you have an unparalleled expertise in designing movements. What are the advantages of using high technology equipment like 3D printers in designing movements..?

GB: Of course using those kind of equipment helps a lot.. 3D simulations of the parts we design allows us to make calculations for dimensions and volume more precisely..


SO: There is another point I would like to ask about.. What is it about high frequency movements..? Can you tell us about the pros and cons of a high beat movement in a mechanical watch..?

GB: The main challenge regarding the hi-beat movements is the lubrication. Parts moving in a higher beat rate are more prone to damaging than a Standard beat rate one’s. We need to keep the friction at minimum which requires efficient lubrication.

Silicon based parts like hairsprings are a common way of dealing with this problem however, we prefer our own methods like the Quatuor balance wheel. Advantage wise speaking, higher beat rate is good for improved precision.


SO: Some brands combine traditional watch making and cutting edge Technologies in the same products. There are even samples like liquid display systems. Do you have any plans or projects in this regard..?

RD: A good question.. RD initially aims for useful innovations.. We use carbon because it’s a lightweight material.. We developed Quatuor balance Wheel because it improves the precision of the movement.. A liquid display system is a very high technology and cool design but it doesn’t fit with RD’s style. We respect traditional watch making and we represent this attitude through our products. 


SO: What do you think about the smart/connected watches concept personally..? Do you believe they might come up as a problem similar to the Quartz Crisis..?

RD: They are definitely useful products.. I have three of them that I use for diving and running.. I also wear them occasionally.. However, they stand at a totally different point when compared to traditional timepieces. Quartz is a form of a movement being used to get the same function that a mechanical movements makes. Smart/Connected watches provide different functions. In the meantime, they still have the problem of weak battery life.


SO: You have presented a magnificent timepiece during SIHH 2013: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor.. Beside it’s countless stunning features there’s one I clearly recall ‘’ seven years of R&D.. ‘’ Could you please tell us about that project..?

RD:  Of course.. Quatuor is a Project that we started from ground zero.. It started with sketches and ended up an exceptional timepiece with RD’s highest engineering and know-how.


SO: How many people actually worked fort his project in those seven years..?

RD: At the first, I was the only one.. After the Project officially started I worked with a team of almost 20 people.

SO: Should we be expecting another masterpiece for you soon..?

RD: I have a project that I am working on but it’s in the very beginning stage. It is too early to mention any details but I might say that I already shared it with my team mates.

SO: Thank you for your time and this great occasion of you having here in Horobox.

RD: Thank you..


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