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Our New Year Gifts Are Delivered


We would like to share with you the pride and happiness of delivering the gifts we gathered for our orphaned children of the related institutions, especially Darülaceze, at the end of the year get together with our dear friends.

Children are our most precious assets in the world. As responsible society members, it is the duty of all of us to provide a home for them prepare them for the future. Due to our intensive work life or different responsibilities, sometimes we can neglect these missions.

As Horobox, we would like to integrate such a social project at the year-end meeting in order to give a message of solidarity in this troubled period and to make our orphaned children happy. Good thing we did. I cannot tell you how delighted we are for the attention and sensitivity we have seen so far. We have delivered the presents which were given by our friends that night or later, to their owners with a brief delay.

Darülaceze, the starting point of our project, is one of the most important charity organizations of Turkey. The number of staff in Darülaceze, which is about 500, is almost the same with the number of the guests. The things we saw during our visit made us more than emotional. At the same time, we were so proud.

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My dear friend Mustafa Sandal accompanied us at the meeting organized by Ms. Selda Taş, the head of the Association of Public Relations. She is a very special person. In addition to the support she gives us, she also an important personality bringing excitement and difference to every place she is in.


After the meeting with the president of Darülaceze Mr. Hamza Cebeci and his teammates, we had the chance to see the presentation of the new project, which was about to be put on the ground in Arnavutköy, Istanbul. After a short tour with Mr.Cebeci, we put our way towards our beloved children who are our last stop.

The words are not enough to tell us how we feel. The minutes we spend with our orphaned children struggling with the enormous hearts in their tiny bodies are worth a lifetime. The welcome greetings, the kisses, thanks for the presents... We were moved to tears and the words are knotted in our throats.


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As Horobox team, we had a very special and meaningful experience with the participation of our beloved Mustafa Sandal. We will continue with such visits. We will try to be with the older ones and our children who are in need of care and attention.


We would like to thank the entire Darülaceze staff especially Mr.Hamza Cebeci and Ms.Selda Taş, for their perfect hospitality. We wish them success with their hard work and responsibility. 

We cannot thank enough to our valuable friends who supported our project. Being a part of such a sensitive industry made us proud. There is no doubt that all of you will feel the same as I did while you watch the thank-you message sent to you by the students of the Şanlıurfa Altınova Elementary School where we have delivered a portion of our gifts.

We send our deepest love to our dear teacher Ms.Ebru Değirmenci and all her students.


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