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IWC Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph IW395001

There is no doubt that IWC is one of the very first brands when it gets to the pilot’s watches. IWC’s pilot’s collection which is updated this year attracted quite a lot of attention especially with the case diameter variety. In the meantime, the TIMEZONER CHRONOGRAPH model managed to become one of the most appraised timepieces of the year with its relatively different complication.


I am always interested about the timepieces which display time zone differences. I believe this is related to my frequent travelling lifestyle. It is purely a joy for me to set my watch to my destination in a single move. It’s more like measuring the distance between the subway stations in a mono-pusher chronograph. Using the complications on a watch in daily life is simply a joy for the mechanical watch admirers, don’t you think..?

I have several GMT feature watches in my personal collection. We have recently shared a short video about that complication and how it works.

The watch I have here is another timepiece exclusively designed for frequent travelers however, it’s quite different from the standard GMT feature samples. Frankly, I was not that interested when I saw the IWC Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph at the SIHH 2016. In fact, I was quite busy looking at the “BOUTIQUE RODEO DRIVE” model of the Top Gun collection. After the event about the novelties, I could not take my eyes off of the Timezoner Chronograph during the exclusive photo shoot arranged by the great effort of IWC Turkey Staff.


Briefly saying, this complication allows you to arrange the time zone with a simple move of the bezel. The bezel features the name of 24 different cities. The hour hand moves synchronously with the bezel which allows you to adjust the time zone you are in. The bezel not only moves the hour hand but also the 24h hand and the date wheel as well which helps you to fully adjust the watch to the desired time zone. Let us remind you that, the bezel requires to be pushed from two opposing points to rotate.

In order to use this feature, you should adjust your watch correctly. What you have to do is, to move the city name that you are located at to the 12 o’clock position and adjust the time by the winding crown.


IWC Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph got all your bases covered regarding time zone difference. The cities which feature day light saving arrangements are indicated by a little “S” marking on the bezel. When the bezel is set, the S (contraction for Summer ) displays the related time zone’s day light saving time.


Actually, we met with this design at the Baselworld 2014. The complication, which is initially designed by the founder of Vogard – Michael Vogt, was sold to IWC with all of its patents and rights.

Clearly, the R&D process gathered pace after the patent has been acquired by IWC as it is embedded to the fully in-house Caliber 89760 creating a perfect complication movement. The 12h chronograph feature can be monitored through the small indicator placed at 12 o’clock position. The chronograph seconds are displayed by the center mounted second hand. The movement also features the Flyback function which allows the user to re-start without resetting.  The caliber also offers an impressive power reserve of 68h when fully wound.


The watch is offered in a 45mm stainless steel case with 16mm thickness making it quite an ideal one for its segment. The craftsmanship and the solid feeling pushers completely express the IWC quality. The solid case back features a beautiful engraving of Junkers Ju 52 aircraft which has been one of the most frequent fliers of 1930s.


The dial’s lay out is perfect and the double anti glare coated sapphire crystal provides utmost legibility. The red detail on the 24h hand is a nice touch.


The timepiece is offered with the classic IWC Pilot’s Collection style leather strap and folding clasp. I might not say it’s the most comfortable combo but it’s still good on the wrist.

iwc-timezoner-chronograph-iw395001-5-.jpg iwc-timezoner-chronograph-iw395001-6-.jpg

IWC Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph is the first model from the brand which features that unique GMT feature displaying style with a MSRP of 13,200.00 EUR.


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