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BLAKEN: Every detail is special for you...


When we say “wrist watch” Rolex is the first brand that comes to most of us. This enormous popularity is certainly a critical element for most people’s choices.

The total yearly production already proves this. While among their one million watches produced in a year you will find two different lines with around 20 different models, the percentage that you will encounter one of them (maybe your own) is very high.

At this point one has the option to go even cooler than the everyday Rolex owner/collector.


Recently people’s interest towards the personalized watch segment has been booming and like every other trade this has a prominent player too. It is the German brand “Blaken”.

Blaken emerges in the market with two patents and when they change the color on their watches they use a DLC technology that is possible only in Germany.

This technology has also been used in motorsports and space travel. The process takes 16 days and after the watch’s surface will becomes 8 times harder and more durable against scratches.


Blaken knows no limits in their 6 to 8 weeks modification processes. Besides the shiny black case it is possible to get a matte and dark grey surface.


The dial and other parts can be modified according to the wishes of the client of course. Engravings on the case back and little interesting extra details around the dial are both possible.



It is Arte Gioia who is Blaken’s address in Turkey. They keep a large stock at their İstinye Park location. You also have the option to make your own model.



According to the Arte Gioia boutique, Blaken has become very popular and you should expect them to pop up in the right places.


If this is something that caught your attention you should visit Arte Gioia’s boutique and have a look at one of these bad boys.

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