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Panerai Traits Chapter 2


Panerai, the famous brand of Italian origin, which is one of the unique names of the watch world, introduced the second chapter of its social media project that highlights four distinctive characteristics of the brand as Light, Design, Sea, and Innovation. The second chapter of the project is introduced with a short movie shot in Milan starring the founder of the world famous web site -Costas Voyatzis.


After the search for the perfect light with the us photographer Jason M. Peterson, Panerai traits continues with the discovery of the purest design with the founder of, Costas Voyatzis, as he wears a Radiomir 1940 on his wrist.


Costas Voyatzis is the founder of Yatzer, one of the most important international websites for enthusiasts of DESIGN, and he tells his story and describes his activities as an explorer of the purest design in a short film shot in Milan, the city which year by year continues to consolidate its role as the world capital of this Italian excellence. On his wrist, he wears a watch of classic Panerai design, simple but at the same time distinctive and iconic: the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic (PAM00572). Designed and created for underwater military use, and therefore solid and strong, with every detail perfectly performing the function for which it was designed, the Panerai watch has simple, minimalist lines which have enabled it to acquire the status of an icon of international high quality watchmaking.

The video and the photographs associated with the journey of Costas Voyatzis into the world of design will be posted on the site and on the social media channels of Yatzer and Panerai. They will also be available on the dedicated site, containing all the content of the project which is gradually outlining the traits of the Panerai identity, with the hashtag #paneraitraits.

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