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Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days Ref. 911.QD.0123.RX


Hublot, one of the strongest players in the luxury sports watch category, is pushing the boundaries of horology again with the new MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days model.


For those looking for a high-budget sports watch, there are several options that have proven themselves in the watch world. Besides the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, which pioneered this trend, there are crazy Richard Mille models as well who wants to go with more exotic timepieces. Despite these, Hublot has been offering a completely different perspective to watch enthusiasts recently by luring their dynamic lines with the outstanding complications.


The MP-11 Power Reserve, the newest member of the MP family that combines Haute Horlogerie complications with futuristic designs, has a more traditional structure than the previous series, but still in an extra ordinary way.


The case form that we are used to from the Big Bang and King Bang families is now offered in 3D carbon and sapphire crystal options with a diameter of 45mm. The 6 "H" headed titanium screws on the bezel that are screwed in randomly are of course a Hublot classic. The case is equipped with anti-glare coated sapphire crystals on both sides and is water resistant to 30 meters.

911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-6.jpg 911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-8.jpg


911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-9.jpg 911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-7.jpg

Both 3D carbon and sapphire crystal case models are designed featuring a sapphire crystal dial. In fact, it is impossible not to fall in love with this style as the movement attracts both its technical features and its stance.

911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-4.jpg 911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-10.jpg

The in-house developed hand-wound Caliber HUB9011, has a total of 14 days power reserve thanks to 7 barrels placed in parallel. Due to the hairsprings which takes a very large space in the movement, the hour and minute hands are located at the top of the dial. Although the power reserve indicator on the bottom is functional, I am not quite happy with the enormous "Day Power Reserve" text. Although it takes a long time to wind the movement to get the 14-day power reserve, the easy-grip structure of the winding crown makes it a pleasure.

911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-11.jpg 911-qd-0123-rx-hublot-mp-11-power-reserve-14-days-5.jpg

Both versions are offered on rubber straps that are secured by titanium folding clasps. Thanks to Hublot’s easy strap changing system, it is also possible to switch between countless options offered by the brand, giving a new character to the watch in seconds.


The models are limited to 200 units each and available through Hublot boutiques and authorized sales points.


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