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MB & F - Stepan Sarpaneva MoonMachine 2


The second product of MB & F and Stepan Sarpaneva’s partnership, MoonMachine 2, is introduced to the likes of watch enthusiasts at SIHH 2018. The new model; which was presented in a Horological Machine No: 8 case with Stepan Sarpaneva’s unique touches, is one of the latest marvels of independent contemporary watchmaking.

MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-2.jpg MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-3.jpg

MB & F has three different case options, which are designed to give users a completely different experience with prisms and optical games. Versions of natural titanium color, black titanium and red gold-titanium blend are combined with details like rotors and moon-phase disks in harmonious color with the rest of the models.

MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-7.jpg MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-8.jpg

Measuring 49mm x 59mm x 19.5mm, the highly futuristic case is water resistant to 30 meters. Let me add that even the case itself is a combination of 99 individual parts.


The models which are powered by Girard-Perregaux-based movements displays the hour, minute and moon-phase information via disks that are 20x magnified through prisms. The 30 jewes 42 hours power reserve movements are equipped with moon-phase indicators that became the signature of Sarpaneva.

MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-5.jpg MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-6.jpg

MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-9.jpg MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-10.jpg

The MoonMachine 2, which has three different case alternatives, will be sold with a limited number of 12 units per each version.

MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-11.jpg MB-F-Stepan-Sarpaneva-MoonMachine-2-12.jpg

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