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Mondaine Helvetica


A beautiful tribute watch to the world's most preferred font is Helvatica right from its homeland Switzerland.


The Swiss watchmaker Mondaine is on the agenda with Official Railway Watches as well as other models which comes to the forefront with simple and minimalistic designs.


Helvetica is an often preferred writing font in areas where Latin alphabet is used, including interstate correspondence, in terms of readability and attention to detail. The has been designed by Swiss font designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann for the Swiss font company Haas in 1957 in Münchenstein, Switzerland. In the following years, the name is updated as Helvetica so that it can be used to the American market.


Mondaine Helvatica has many common values ​​with the font Helvatica. Designed with a balanced and streamlined design, the watch has the right proud of having an iconic Swiss-produced value. Produced in perfect harmony of form and function, Helvetica comes to the forefront with timeless and globally accepted design details as well as easy readability.


The brand, which uses the design of the famous number 1 of the Helvatica font on the lugs of its watches, offers three different dial designs as Light, Regular and Bold. The Regular version, which we have here under the spotlight, comes in a stainless steel case with two options; 33mm and 40mm. The case is equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on the front face and it is water resistance to 30 meters. The model is powered by a Ronda Quartz movement with date feature.

mh1-r1240-ld-mh1-r2240-ld-mondaine-helvetica-3.jpg mh1-r1240-ld-mh1-r2240-ld-mondaine-helvetica-4.jpg

Mondaine Helvatica is one of the rare brands which offers a unique and minimalist design with an affordable price tag. If you are looking for an affordable quality watch free of exaggerated luxury and glamour, Mondaine Helvatica is definitely among the collections that you have to look at.


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