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Nine Most Expensive Watches

We have brought together the nine most expensive watches ever sold through auctions and stores.

No.9 Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

While bringing the words Patek Philippe and Stainless Steel together is already exciting enough, adding a perpetual calendar chronograph from 1943 that is limited to 4 units only to the sentence means shattering the records. Patek Philippe Ref.1518, sold for CHF 11,002,000 at the auction held on 12 November 2016 at the Phillips auction house in Switzerland, enters our list at number 9.

patek-philippe-ref-1518-1.jpg patek-philippe-ref-1518-2.jpg

No.8 Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 “Paul Newman”

It would not be wrong to call this watch “the most famous model of the Panda dial Daytona legend”. Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239, which was sold for $ 17,752,500 at the auction held in October 2017, is at number 8.

paul-newman-rolex-daytona-3.jpg paul-newman-rolex-daytona-4.jpg

No.7 Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch

The model manufactured in 2015 by Jacob & Co. with an 18K white gold case, bracelet and a total of 260 carats of diamonds, was sold for $ 18 million. The current owner of this flashy watch is Floyd Mayweather.

jacob-co-billionaire-watch-1.jpg jacob-co-billionaire-watch-2.jpg

No.6 Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

Produced in 1933 for the American businessperson Henry Graves and equipped with 24 complications, this pocket watch was sold at the Sotheby’s auction house on November 11, 2014, for CHF 23.237.000. According to the records, Henry Graves Jr. had paid Patek Philippe $ 15,000 in 1925 for the watch, which had several owners afterward.


No.5 Chopard 201 Carat

The model, which was produced by the famous jewelry and watchmaker Chopard in 2000, hosts hundreds of precious stones and has a list price of $ 25,000,000.


No.4 Breguet No.160 “Marie Antoinette”

Breguet No.160, which has a very interesting story, was ordered in 1783 by a de-identified person to be introduced to Queen Marie Antoinette as a gift. The interesting thing is that the production of the watch is completed 44 years after the queen’s death. The watch is now on display at the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem and is entitled to number 4 on our list with a value exceeding $ 30 million.


No.3 Patek Philippe 6300A-010

The unique piece Patek Philippe 6300A, which has a stainless steel case and 20 different complications, sold for $ 31,100,000 at Only Watch 2019 auction in 2019.


No.2 Graff Diamonds The Fascination

Graff Diamonds, one of the biggest jewelry manufacturers in the world, deserves to be on the top of our list with a pair of models. There is a single 38.13-carat drop cut diamond in the middle of the watch, which is decorated with countless diamonds weighing 152.96 carats in total. Listed at number 2, the list price is $ 40 million.

graff-diamonds-the-fascination-1.jpg graff-diamonds-the-fascination-2.jpg

No.1 Graff Diamonds Hallucination

The model at the top comes from Graff Diamonds just like the number two. The list price of Graff Diamonds Hallucination with its platinum parts and carefully set precious stones weighing 110 carats has been announced as $ 55 million.

graff-diamonds-hallucination-1.jpg graff-diamonds-hallucination-2.jpg

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