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Rolex Yacht-Master 40


We put together different versions from Rolex’s highly admired model family Yacht-master 40.

Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116621-3.jpg Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116622-7.jpg

When we look back at 2016, the most important novelty from Rolex was undoubtedly the stainless steel Daytona introduced with the Cerachrom bezel update. There were other novelties from different model families as well which were highly admired by the watch enthusiasts. One of the first models that come to mind in this regard is the Yacht-master 40 collection major novelties.


The positioning of the Yacht-master family in the Rolex collection is actually pretty clear. But when it comes to watch aficionados especially the brand’s fans, the situation is a bit different. In terms of preference, Submariner is the absolute winner. Maybe this is about the model having common design details with Submariner without having the “tool watch” character due to the mirror polished finish and unique bezel. On the other hand, Yacht-master is a very important model family for Rolex. Back in 1992, Yacht-master has been the first brand new model presented after the introduction of Daytona in 1964. The Maxidial concept which employs bigger hour markers and larger hands has been introduced on a Yacht-master for the first time. The Oysterflex bracelet which features a rubber body over metal skeleton has also had its debut on a Yacht-master as well.

Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116621-7.jpg Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116621-5.jpg


Yacht-master 40 is among my favorite Rolex models. I always liked the Rolesor (18K gold / stainless steel) versions for their elegant and sporty looks. I also think that the Yacht-master 40 style case has the most accurate proportions in the current Rolex model family. I have put together some of the best versions of the up to date Rolex product line. My personal favorite is the Everose Rolesor with the chocolate brown dial. In fact, I had the chance to try several models with this metal combination but none of them affected me as much as with this Yacht-master. The chocolate dial and the sand-blasted Everose bezel go amazingly well together.


The solid Everose version with the black Oysterflex bracelet is likely the most interesting one in the entire model family. The black bezel insert and black Oysterflex bracelet are very successful at turning the elegance and luxury character of the solid gold in to a perfect sports watch. When I look at that timepiece, I instantly recall the summer.

Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116621-8.jpg Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116621-10.jpg

My other favorite is surely a big hit for the stainless steel Rolex fans; Ref. 116222 with the spectacular dark Rhodium dial. After the introduction of the highly appreciated cobalt blue dial version, Rolex added this new timepiece to the collection. The SunBurst gray dial truly shines beautifully upon different angles of light. Obviously, the pastel blue accents match the genuine glitter of the stainless steel as well as the stunning gray dial.


Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116622-4.jpg Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116622-5.jpg

 Yacht-master 40 is a spectacular timepiece with a number of variants. Whether you go for the stainless steel version with dark rhodium dial or the Everose Rolesor with the chocolate brown dial, you will surely have an amazing summer with your new Rolex Yacht-master 40.

Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116622-12.jpg Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116622-9.jpg

We would like to thank Rhodium Family for their cooperation and support.

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