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Inspiring Desk Clocks For The Creative Souls


We are surrounded by time telling devices. From wristwatches to cell phones, computers to coffee machines we are surrounded by devices that race with each other to tell us the time. Do we really need another thing to tell us the time? If you are a devoted mechanics enthusiast and a watch lover, the answer is YES!

Well established brands excite their fans by forcing the boundaries of micro-mechanics not only with watches but also with desk clocks. Cases and dials inspired by iconic models are equipped with game changing movements. And the result is work of art timepieces.

One of the first brands to come to mind is the Jaeger-LeCoultre and its cult model Atmos. The Atmos Classique offers a magnificent image with its 22.5cm x 15.5cm x 20cm sized rhodium-plated brass body. The model, which is powered by 207 pieces (15 jewels) single barrel Caliber 560, has a working principle that is much different from the traditional desk clocks. The model which accumulates power by its wires that expand and shrink depending on the temperature changes, can generate a 2 days power reserve by every 1 Celsius degrees temperature change. We are talking about a table clock that can work forever without any intervention considering daily temperature changes in any home or office. Impressive, isn’t it?


5102201-jaeger-lecoultre-atmos-classique-2-.jpg 5102201-jaeger-lecoultre-atmos-classique-3-.jpg

Cartier is another brand that is famous with its desk clocks. The Santos 100 has a 10.1cm x 10.1cm x 3.2cm body made of stainless steel and 18-carat yellow gold. The model, which is designed referring to the details that are present at Santos wristwatches’ cases and dials, is produced in limited numbers. Powered by the hand-wound Caliber 6002 MC with 8 days power reserve, the model also bears the sapphire set winding crown located at its rear side.


oc000016-cartier-santos-100-skeleton-exceptional-desk-clock-2-.jpg oc000016-cartier-santos-100-skeleton-exceptional-desk-clock-3-.jpg

Chopard L.U.C Quattro is another player in the industry with a mechanical desk clock. The model with aluminum body of 16cm in diameter has a hand-wound movement with 8 days power reserve which can be monitored through the dial. The model features a glamorous dial with exquisite decoration and stunning movement that can be enjoyed through the sapphire crystal display case back.


95020-0082-chopard-l-u-c-quattro-mechanical-table-clock-2-.jpg 95020-0082-chopard-l-u-c-quattro-mechanical-table-clock-3-.jpg

Panerai has attracted a great deal of attention from the Panerai fanatics, especially in the collection of desk clocks it introduced in the past years and is entitled to enter our list. The globe shaped clock with its 65mm diameter stainless steel case and spherical sapphire crystal glass is offered with 3 different dial alternatives. In addition to the classic 3,6,9,12 index layouts we are accustomed to from Radiomir models, there are also California and SLC dials are offered with the models that are powered with the hand wound caliber P.5000 known from the brand’s wrist watches. The movement with a power reserve of 8 days can be enjoyed through the rear window.

pam00581-panerai-table-clock-.jpg panerai-table-clock-.jpg

pam00651-panerai-table-clock-.jpg pam00641-panerai-table-clock-.jpg

Bonus: MB & F Time Machine

For the ones that would say “you said inspiring desk clocks for the creative souls but only mentioned the classic ones…” here you go with extra ordinary designs from team MB & F.

Maximilian Büsser and his team, which have come up with 8 different desk clocks, or rather art works, are not only giving a new point of view to traditional watchmaking but also fascinating with their spectacular craftsmanship. UFO inspired "The Fifth Element", desktop rocket; "Destination Moon", "Balthazar" that looks like it’s jumped up from the Terminator movies, mechanical spider "Arachnophobia" and much more. All of the models with power reserves ranging from 8 to 40 days have a common feature. And it is you looking at them not solely to know the time but be fascinated by their details.

mb-f-the-fifth-element-1-.jpg mb-f-the-fifth-element-2-.jpg

mb-f-destination-moon-1-.jpg mb-f-destination-moon-2-.jpg

mb-f-balthazar-1-.jpg mb-f-balthazar-2-.jpg

mb-f-arachnophobia-1-.jpg mb-f-arachnophobia-2-.jpg

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