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12 Extra Ordinary Watches Bending Limits


We have handpicked twelve extra ordinary watches from various top brands who aim to break the rules of reading time through a set of hands and create a brand new vision to the industry. While they are quite far from being available, they are made for the different.

The prices are mostly over the odds... If you are fortunate and wealthy enough to pass those criteria, you’ll probably face availability issues due to the limited production numbers. Prices to pay when you are going astray...

At the top of our list we have the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical which made feel heart-stricken and increase my heart beat rate. The model, which was inspired by the rope winch found on the deck of the ships, displays time by special disks.


As the name speaks for itself, the model features a tourbillon escapement. The chain wheel drive line offers a linear power transfer and enhanced precision accordingly along a direct drive power reserve indicator. This exotic timepiece is offered in four different variations featuring a price tag over 500.000,00 USD.


The second place is reserved for HYT. Undoubtedly, HYT is one of the first brands when it gets to being extra ordinary and it’s quite popular nowadays. Making the most of modern hydro-dynamics, HYT displays time through a florescent liquid which moves upon the pressure difference created by the double piston system. The prices of the HYT models which we love watching them working besides wearing, are offered in way more merciful prices compared to Cabestan timepieces. Depending on the model, you may have a limited edition HYT for about 90.000,00 USD.


Let’s raise the price bar again and put Hublot LaFerrari MP-05 to our list. In fact, it’s quite normal to see a top figure price tag when Ferrari gets in the deal. No need to mention that Hublot is already a Hi-End brand. LaFerrari boosted the standard pretty much that money alone itself is not enough to get one. MP-05 is limited to very small numbers. Even a fully custom “unique piece” option is available as well.


This interesting model displays the time through discs similar to the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical but there is one difference: LaFerrari features 8 barrels which offer a 50 days ( yes fifty days..! ) power reserve when fully wound. Let us remind you that the box set features a drill type device for efficient winding of the movement. This hi-tec baby has a MSRP of over 300.000,00 USD.


It would be quite an un-fair move if I have passed MB&F. Nitro, is an experimental timepiece which carries the brand’s traditional watchmaking values to a different level. The movement, which is inspired by the famous Wankel engine, displays the time by simulating the move of the piston arm of the rotary engine.


The first version was limited to 12 pieces only which were sold in a flash despite its 110.000,00 CHF price. The second version followed soon and ended up being all sold out right away. If you are willing to have one you better get in touch directly with Maximilian Büsser.


The next one in our list makes us confused with its R2D2 look-a-like name. 4N-MVT01/D01 offers the same movement, which displays the time through rotating discs, with different case options through years. A big, hefty case, 10 days power reserve, extra ordinary design and a prices beginning with 150.000,00 EUR... Is there anything else..?


OK, I know you are asking “ Where is Urwerk..? “. If you are not, you should... The Urwerk watches, reflecting the genius of Baumgartner and Martin Frei, are perfect samples of high quality, design and imagination within the industry. The Urwerk watches display the time through the brand’s unique “ Satellite “ system and offered with a price range of 60.000,00 to 270.000,00 EUR.


One of the other extra ordinary timepieces in our list is the Nemo Sub 1 from the top independent manufacturer Thomas Prescher. Being a project is design stage, the double axis Tourbillon movement is aiming to get beyond the border of extra ordinary with the Steampunk case design. I don’t know about the production model but you can still find the lost fish with that one... Price..? I cannot imagine...


The rest of our list consists of really cool looking but at the same time relatively more available models for mortals like us thanks to their price tags. Let’s start with Ressence. The model displays the time through independently rotating disks which we located under a liquid filled space between the dial and the crystal. While being a bit hard to get used in a short period, the time display sessions start to feel like visual feasts in time. The Ressence models are offered around 20.000,00 EUR. The nice(!) price mainly comes from the ETA 2824 based movements... With a handful of modifications of course...


The other affordable timepiece in our list is the Nord Zeitmaschine. What put this timepiece to our list is its minute hand which rotates in an elliptic and irregular orbit. The limited edition models are offered around 15.000,00 USD.


Believe it or not, we have a pair of quartz watches in our list. The first one is the Devon Tread which displays the time with belt driven step motors. The second one is the Nixie displaying the time by practically writing it to the air with Nixie tubes. Absolving the enormous battery consumption and the requirement of replacing the Nixie tubes periodically, they are pretty extra ordinary timepieces. Let me add that the Nixie models are offered just for 495,00 USD while the Devon Tread models retail around 15.000,00 USD.


The last but not the least in our list is the price/performance wonder, budget friendly and pretty available SevenFriday. Having a lot of popularity despite its young age, Seven Friday is one of the most successful samples of looking expensive while being quite affordable. Their only drawback is the lack of a sapphire crystal. The P Series employs the conventional hour and minute hand layout in a pretty confusing way while my personal favorite M Series uses rotating discs to display the time. I do not want to get in to the V Series which seems turns reading the time in to a maths problem and suggest reading our detailed review here. SevenFriday watches are available between 3000 and 5000 Turkish Lira range.


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